Locale 5.0

Update: October 4, 2013: Locale 5.0 has now been rolled out to 100% of users.

Locale® 5.0 is now beginning a phased rollout on Google Play. This means that Locale 5.0 will be available to 5% of users today and will scale up to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks. Because Locale now supports over 4,000 different Android devices, phased rollouts help us ensure that Locale upgrades work great for everyone. Specific enhancements in Locale 5.0 include:

Sensor Fusion

Locale 5.0 brings new patent-pending sensor fusion technology, which combines data from cell towers, Wi-Fi, GPS, and sensors. Each individually has strengths and weaknesses, but by fusing these technologies together Locale 5.0 has the fastest, most accurate, and lowest power geofencing technology.

Sensor fusion optimizes power usage by helping Locale use the most appropriate location technology for your environment. For example, GPS is only available outdoors because GPS signals are blocked by buildings. Locale 5.0’s sensor fusion technology knows when to use and when to avoid GPS, optimizing battery life.

The sensor fusion engine adds new passive techniques for monitoring cell tower handoff, improving location detection speed.

Thanks to sensor fusion, Locale 5.0 now also understands your movements, such as sitting still versus walking, driving, or biking. Armed with this additional information, Locale’s instant location technology is able to make better predictions about future movements which improves performance and battery life.

Movement Condition

The new Movement condition detects device movement, such as driving and biking. One might use the Movement condition to detect driving and turn Bluetooth on for handsfree calling or use the Shortcut setting to automatically launch Google Maps.

Other minor improvements

  • Improved compatibility with various Android devices
  • Improved selection of Shortcuts in the Shortcut setting