Locale 6.0

Update December 7, 2015: Locale 6.0.1 has rolled out to 100% of Lollipop and Marshmallow users.

Locale® 6.0 is now beginning a phased rollout on Google Play. This means that Locale 6.0 will be available to 1% of users today and will scale up to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks. Because Locale now supports over 11,000 different Android devices, phased rollouts help us ensure that Locale upgrades work great for everyone.

Locale 6.0 is for Lollipop and Marshmallow devices only. The changes in Locale 6.0 only impact these newer versions of Android, so there was no need to bother users with older versions of Android with an update that wouldn’t have done anything anyway. This does not mean we’re dropping support for older devices, it just means we’re minimizing churn.

Specific enhancements in Locale 6.0 include:

Marshmallow compatibility

  • Material design theme.
  • Volume settings can disable vibrate when the volume is set to zero (Marshmallow only)
  • Fixed an issue with the Wallpaper setting caused by the Google Now Launcher.
  • The Brightness can now go dimmer at the lowest setting.
  • Optimized performance and power optimization

Plug-in Client SDK

A brand new plug-in client SDK and example plug-ins are now available on Github. These examples are simpler, easier to maintain, and compatible with Gradle and Android Studio. These examples are configured with extensive automated test suites and continuous integration, to help plug-in developers achieve high quality plug-ins. For more information, visit our developer documentation.

Plug-in Host SDK

The plug-in host SDK is also available on Github. This allows other apps to integrate with Locale plug-ins.