Judge Robert Restaino jailed 46 people when a mobile phone rang in his New York courtroom and no one would admit responsibility.

So we invented Locale®.  Problem solved.



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With Locale®, you create situations specifying conditions under which your phone's settings should change. For example, your "At Work" situation notices when your Location condition is "77 Massachusetts Ave.," and changes your Volume setting to vibrate.

Once you experience Locale's power and convenience, you'll never want to be without it. We're understandably a little biased, so here's what our users are saying:

"I got kicked out of chemistry class because my ringer went off during lecture. I wish I had this sooner!" — Rebecca, Student


With Locale's advanced touch-screen interface, you'll be set up in no time. Quickly define locations that are important to you using a simple Google Maps interface.

Locale's incredible patented location technology leverages artificial intelligence to combine GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular, and other data to determine the location of your device. Although not all devices are equally equipped and not all location technologies have equal coverage, Locale gracefully scales back. Walking into a building with poor GPS reception? Not a problem.


Locale goes way beyond turning the ringer off.

Does your battery always seem to be running out of power? Let Locale turn off power-hungry components automatically when the battery is low. Or do you just forget to charge your phone?

"I never remember to charge my phone; I use Locale to remind me my battery is below 40% when I walk in my front door." — Lisa, Mobile Game Developer

Give your phone some personality by your ringtone. Even be a little mischievous:

"You mean I can have a naughty wallpaper on my phone when I'm at home, and it'll change to a pretty landscape when I'm at work?!" — Dale, Software Engineer


Locale has built-in conditions for:

  • Battery

  • Calendar

  • Charger

  • Location

  • Movement

  • Orientation

  • Time

Locale has built-in settings for:

  • Bluetooth

  • Display Brightness

  • Display Sleep

  • Ringtone

  • Shortcut

  • Volume

  • Volume, Media

  • Wallpaper

  • Wi-Fi


Third party developers integrate directly with Locale through the Developer API. Quickly discover new plug-ins for Locale by choosing "Get Plug-ins" from the menu inside the app.