Locale 2.5

Locale 2.5 introduces a new UI, new built-in settings, enhanced performance, and focuses on improved compatibility with the latest versions of Android. Locale 2.5 is only available for Android 3.0 or later at this time, although a future version of Locale will bring these enhancements to Android 2.2 and Android 2.3.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) compatibility

Locale 2.5 has full support for Android 4.0, including the Holographic UI, ActionBar, new menu and notification icons, and overall improved compatibility for the following issues:

  • Workaround for the Battery condition disappearing on the Galaxy Nexus (Android bug #22035)
  • Workaround for Locale’s ongoing notification disappearing when manually stopping and starting Locale’s service (Android bug #21635)
  • Workaround for issues with Location on certain tablets (Android bug #22036)
  • Workaround for Location condition sometimes disappearing (Android bug #24656)
  • Workaround for issues with setting ringer and notification volumes (Android bug #23284 and Android bug #23283). Note: Unlike older versions of Android, Android 4.0 does not allow ringer and notification volumes to be set independently. To mute the ringer and still get audible notifications, use the Ringtone setting to set the ringtone to silent and the Volume setting to set the volume to loud
  • Improved Location UI search
  • Fixed an “application is not responding” error that sometimes occurred when tapping Locale’s ongoing notification
  • Locale now uses 50% less RAM memory on Android 4.0

Holographic UI

Locale’s futuristic new UI streamlines setup with fewer taps, while adding new features making Locale easier to use. A new non-maps Location UI improves compatibility with devices that don’t support touch screens or Google Maps. In addition, improved situation status indicators now show if there’s an error inside of a situation (such as a missing plug-in).

Shortcut setting

Automate your Android with the new Shortcut setting which launches apps and app shortcuts. Imagine: automatically load the weather in the morning. Start an app when connecting the charger. Launch your music when connecting headphones (when combined with the Headphones Plug-in). The possibilities are endless!

Media Volume setting

Media Volume controls are now built-in. In addition to silencing the ringer in class, don’t forget to turn down the media volume so that your games don’t start blasting out at full volume!

Instant orientation change detection

New Orientation condition algorithms are significantly more accurate, battery efficient, and detect changes almost immediately even when the display is off.

Better location detection

New battery efficient algorithms enhance detection, especially when driving. In addition, new location cache management reduces network bandwidth and uses less storage.

Self-repairing database

Locale automatically detects and repairs database corruption caused by defective flash memory in Android devices, a major Android issue.

Plug-in API

Updated plug-in sample code is available now, with UI enhancements for Android 4.0, improved forward compatibility, and up to 3x reduced memory usage.