Locale 3.0

Locale 3.0 introduces the Calendar condition, improved battery life and compatibility, and UI enhancements to make Locale faster and easier to set up.

Calendar condition

The number one Locale feature request is finally here! Locale 3.0 introduces the Calendar condition to detect events on your Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, or any other calendar supported by Android. Use the Calendar condition to silence your ringer automatically during meetings. The Calendar condition requires Android 4.0 or later.

New UI theme

Locale 3.0 introduces a new UI theme consistent with Google’s new Android UI guidelines. Sleeker than ever, Locale’s lists fit better on the screen, UI elements are better spaced, and situation prioritization is more seamless.

New situation status indicators give better insight into what Locale is doing. Tap on the indicators to get more detailed status and the ability to turn situations on and off.

Situation templates

Pre-configured situation templates make it possible to instantly add new situations.

Location improvements

  • “My” locations: When setting up a new Location condition, Locale automatically finds locations like “home” or “work” in your “me” card in the Android 4.0 contact list
  • Improved usability: The location radius now is set to match available accuracy
  • More accurate autocomplete: When searching by address, autocomplete now prioritizes addresses in the contact list
  • Longer battery life: New power management algorithms are up to 10x more efficient
  • Reduced storage: For devices with limited internal memory, Locale automatically switches to cache location data on external storage

Intelligent Bluetooth management

If a Bluetooth headset is in use when a Bluetooth off setting is applied, Locale intelligently delays toggling Bluetooth until the call ends.

Priority support

A new “Contact support” menu item automatically attaches Locale configuration information, so that our legendary lightning-fast support team can respond to inquiries even more quickly.

Google TV

Locale is now fully compatible with Google TV devices. If you’re doing something interesting with Locale on your TV, please let us know!

Improved compatibility

All of the enhancements in Locale 2.5–Shortcut setting, Media Volume setting, instant Orientation condition detection–are now available to Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 users.

Locale 3.0 contains workarounds for erratic Wi-Fi behavior on HTC phones, caused by HTC’s “battery saver” app.


The new features in Locale 3.0 require some additional Android permissions. The Calendar condition requires READ CALENDAR EVENTS in order to detect when you’re in a meeting. The Location condition requires READ PROFILE in order to figure out locations important to you like home and work. This information is only used within the app; it is not transmitted and stored.

The Location condition also requires MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS in order to more intelligently cache location data.