Locale is the longest standing app available on Google Play, continously refreshed since October 2008.

The latest release version of Locale X is 10.0 (release notes). Locale X is a major new version and is a separate download from Locale 6.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are not automatically canceled when an app is uninstalled. To cancel a subscription, you can either:

  • Inside Locale X: Open the app and choose Subscriptions from under the "hamburger" menu in the top left corner.
  • From your computer: Go to the Google Play store subscription manager.

Why does Locale stop running in the background?

A "battery saver" is preventing the app from running. The symptoms vary from Locale stopping after a few days, not running when the screen is off, or not starting when Android is rebooted. Locale's ongoing notification might disappear, and Locale will "wake up" only when tapping on the app's icon from the Android home screen.

To fix this, look in the Android settings and exclude Locale from being closed. Since every Android device is different, take a look at the device-specific instructions.

Why doesn't Locale start when I reboot Android?

Locale starts automatically within about 1 minute after Android is rebooted and unlocked for the first time. If you have a password set on your device, apps are not allowed to run until after you first unlock the device, because the phone's storage is encrypted until the password is entered.

We do not recommend enabling automatic daily reboots which is a feature offered on some Android models, because Locale won't run until after you unlock the device. For example, some models offer to reboot at night while you're sleeping such as at 4 a.m. Locale won't be able to start running until you wake up and unlock your phone.

If Locale does not launch after reboot and unlock, check your Android settings. Some models are configured to block apps launching automatically after reboot.

Why won't my situation change? IT'S NOT WORKING 😡

Usually this is just a minor misconfiguration of the situations. Let's narrow things down:

  1. Is the issue with the conditions or the settings? Look to see if the situation is becoming active. Active situations are shown on the home screen and indicated by a colored dot in the situation list. In addition, active situations are listed in Locale's ongoing notification in the pull-down notification area. If the situation is not becoming active, the problem is with the conditions. If the situation is becoming active, but not behaving as expected, then likely the problem is with the settings.
  2. Can you try something simpler? Try replacing all of the Conditions with something like the Charger condition and replacing all of the Settings with a Volume setting. This should work reliably, and provides a good baseline to start with.
  3. If you're using a third party plug-in, try seeing if a situation using only Locale's built-in conditions and settings works. Third party plug-ins are not made by the developers of Locale, so they may be buggy. If you have questions about the performance of a third party plug-in, please contact the plug-in developer directly.

Why won't Locale detect my location?

Arriving at a location should be detected almost instantly.

Leaving a location may take a few minutes to detect, in order to conserve battery power. Locale uses a combination of distance and time, and the distance to exit a location is much further away than the distance to enter a location. This approach improves reliability, especially when near the edge of a location.

If Locale does not update your location, there could be bad location data in your area which can be corrected with Calibration:

To perform calibration, open the Location condition and choose "Calibrate" under the menu or Action Bar. Pick a nearby Wi-Fi access point, and then drag-and-drop the pin to the right spot.

If the pin is way off (e.g. hundreds or thousands of kilometers off), zoom out to move the pin long distances and then zoom back in to position it precisely. If the pin is already correct, zoom in and move the pin at least a tiny bit. Calibration will only be saved if the pin is moved at least a little bit.

Calibration will not only correct bad location data, but it can also reduce battery usage. It does not matter if the access point is secured. It does not matter if the access point has Internet access. Locale merely uses the presence of the access point as a reference point; Locale does not connect to it. Afterwards, you do not need to leave Wi-Fi enabled.

How do I make my locations smaller?

Location accuracy varies from place to place, so Locale adjusts Location condition size based on the accuracy available from sensor readings. This ensures Locale can consistently detect the location when you arrive.

For far away locations where Locale may not know the accuracy, the minimum size is 500 meters. In other words, dragging the pin or doing a search by address creates a larger location.

Why is Locale's location circle larger than Google Maps?

Google's circle is only 65% confident. Locale requires greater than 99% confidence to work reliably, which means a larger circle.

Why is my volume wrong when I arrive at a location?

This often occurs if you drive and have Location-based situations configured to adjust volume. The problem is that when Bluetooth connects or disconnects, Android will reset the volume. This can conflict with Locale.

To prevent this conflict, consider creating a Driving situation with a "Volume, Ringer and Notifications" and a "Volume, Media" setting. After creating the Driving situation, go to the situation list and move it to be higher priority than your location situations.

When you arrive, the location situation will become active but the settings will be suppressed by the Driving situation. When Driving ends as you turn off the car, Locale is smart enough to wait a few seconds for Android's adjustments to happen before firing the volume settings in the location-based situation.

Why is my Calendar condition not correctly detected?

Calendar events have some subtle behavior. Go into the Calendar app and check these properties of the event:

  • Is the calendar event marked "free" or "busy?" Locale ignores events marked as free.
  • Was the calendar event created by you or was it an invitation from someone else? Locale only detects events where you've confirmed attendance. Tenative or unconfirmed events are ignored.
  • Is the calendar event an all day event? Locale by default ignores all day events.

Locale is not able to read calendars directly from the Outlook app. For Outlook (Microsoft Exchange) calendars, add the account under the Android settings app which will make the calendars visible.

How do I enable dark mode?

Dark mode requires Android 10 or later.

Android 9 has multiple settings for "dark theme" (only affects the status bar) and a hidden "night mode" (affects all apps) which are confusing. On Android 9, there is an easter egg to enable a hidden developer option as explained on the second half of this article.

Known Limitations

  • Display Sleep timeouts can be blocked by Device Administrators. For example, if your company's security policy requires the device to be locked within 5 minutes then the Display Sleep setting timeout options greater than 5 minutes will be silently blocked.
  • Location accuracy will be reduced while Wi-Fi tethering (portable Wi-Fi hotspot) is active. This is because Wi-Fi scans cannot be performed while Wi-Fi tethering is active. For this reason, USB tethering is recommended instead.


Locale X is compatible with Android 7 through Android 10. Locale supports all screen resolutions and screen sizes. Locale supports phones, tablets, media players, and even TVs. Locale is tested extensively on a wide variety of Android devices in our lab from nearly every manufacturer.

Although Locale X is compatible with about 7,000 Android devices, there are a few known issues which are documented below. New devices are tested as soon as they are available, and this list is continuously updated.

  • Android 10
    • Android Go (low memory devices for developing countries) do not allow Locale to launch apps starting with Android 10.
    • Android 10 blocks apps from toggling Wi-Fi. To work around this, we've developed a separate "companion" app that runs in a backwards compatibility mode to workaround this. When configuring a Wi-Fi setting, Locale will prompt to install the companion.
  • Android 8 (Oreo)
    • Android 8.0 has a new feature to display a notification when any apps are running in the background, with the intention of making sure apps cannot run without the user's knowledge. Because Locale runs in the background, this extra notification is always present. This is an Android feature and cannot be hidden in Android 8.0. Android 8.1 fixes this and allows this extra notification to be hidden.
    • If Locale's ongoing notification is disabled and then re-enabled, the notification won't appear until the app restarts or the next situation change.
  • Android 7 (Nougat)
    • If Locale's ongoing notification is disabled and then re-enabled, the notification won't appear until the app restarts or the next situation change.
  • Samsung
    • Samsung devices have a "memory cleaner" that prevents Locale from running in the background. Locale needs to be whitelisted following these instructions.
  • Huawei
    • Some Huawei devices running Android 9 will display a dialog every time Locale tries to toggle Bluetooth.
    • Huawei devices have a "battery saver" that prevents Locale from running in the background. Locale needs to be whitelisted following these instructions.
  • Xiaomi
    • Some Xiaomi devices running Android 9 will display a dialog every time Locale tries to toggle Wi-Fi. Workaround: Open the Android settings, go to Apps, find Locale, and change the permission option to allow Locale to control Wi-Fi.
    • Face Down is unavailable on Xiaomi devices, because they block reading sensors when the screen is turned off
  • OnePlus
    • Some OnePlus devices have a switch on the side to control the ringer mode between ring, vibrate, and do not disturb. Depending on what position the switch is in, Locale may not be able to change the ringer volume.


For help with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, account transfers, or store access, please contact the Google Play team through the Google Play Help Center. We do not have the ability to administer your Google Play account.

For help with third party plug-ins for Locale, please contact the plug-in developer directly.

For help with Locale, please open Locale, tap on the "hamburger" in the corner of the screen, and choose "Contact support." This will attach information about your setup to your question so that we can help more quickly. You can also email, however you will receive a significantly faster resolution using Locale's in-app priority support feature.