Locale 6.1.1

Update October 17, 2016: Locale 6.1.1 has rolled out to 100% of users.

Locale® 6.1.1 is a unified update for Android 2.3 through Android 7.1 now beginning a phased rollout on Google Play. This means that Locale 6.1.1 will be available to 20% of users today and will scale up to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks. Because Locale now supports over 13,700 different Android devices, phased rollouts help ensure that Locale upgrades work great for everyone.

Specific changes in Locale 6.1.1 include:

  • Workaround for Android bug 82121 which previously make it necessary to reboot after installing app updates for a small percentage of users
  • Workaround for an Android bug that would cause the Shortcut setting UI to crash when the underlying Android Package Manager had crashed. Now an empty list will be shown and rebooting may be necessary to get the Android Package Manager back into a good state
  • Improved reprioritization of situations