Locale 6.1

Update October 14, 2016: After rolling out to 20% of users, Locale 6.1 has been replaced with Locale 6.1.1.

Locale® 6.1 is a unified update for Android 2.3 through Android 7.1 now beginning a phased rollout on Google Play. This means that Locale 6.1 will be available to 1% of users today and will scale up to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks. Because Locale now supports over 13,700 different Android devices, phased rollouts help ensure that Locale upgrades work great for everyone.

Specific changes in Locale 6.1 include:

  • Added the option to contact us through Locale’s priority support feature when browsing the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Simplified Location condition configuration
  • Workaround for an Android bug that could cause Locale’s database to be unlinked
  • Workaround for a bug on Sony devices that would prevent maps from showing
  • Multi-directory backups: Locale has always written an automatic backup to “external storage” whenever a situation is modified. If that file exists when Locale is reinstalled, Locale would prompt to restore from it. Unfortunately this was confusing because what Android calls “external storage” is not usually what the user expects to be external storage. So in Locale 6.1 when running on Android 4.4 and later, Locale now writes a backup to all available storage locations, including the SD Card. This makes restoring Locale on a new device much easier and less confusing because the SD Card can simply be moved from one device to the next.