Locale 4.0

Locale® 4.0 is now available exclusively on Google Play. With over 100 enhancements throughout the app, Locale 4.0 focuses on being more helpful and more efficient. Specific enhancements include:

Power-Zero Location

Locale 4.0 has amazing new patent-pending power management technologies:

First up is Power-Zero (P0). P0 passively monitors various sensors and radios to detect when the device isn’t moving, allowing Locale to sleep for extended periods of time without using any battery power at all. Next, Locale 4.0 is supercharged with an “oracle” that uses a priori knowledge of your Location conditions to manage different location sources, providing up to 10x better efficiency. Finally, every aspect of Locale has been tuned for the best performance on the latest Android devices, such as optimizations for barometers and more efficient use of 4G networks.

Location calibration

While Locale is incredibly accurate out of the box, thanks to our cloud-based location infrastructure, the new Calibration feature lets you pinpoint your position even more precisely.

Optimized for Android 4.¼.2 Jellybean

Locale 4.0 has been optimized to take advantage of the latest features in Android 4.2 Jellybean. For example, Locale’s ongoing notification no longer appears at the top of the screen on Android 4.2 Jellybean, although it still appears in the pulldown area.

VIP Callers

Are you always missing important calls because your ringer was off? Locale can let VIP callers always ring though with the new “VIP calling” situation template that automatically configures itself for starred or frequently contacted people.

In addition, Locale 4.0 contains a workaround for firmware bugs in certain Samsung and HTC handsets that previously interfered with VIP caller situations. On these devices, the workaround requires that the VIP caller situation be the highest priority situation and contain only Caller conditions and a Volume setting.

Streamlined Intuitive UI

We’ve streamlined every corner of Locale 4.0 to be more efficient and more powerful than ever. Locale makes contextual suggestions to help you get the most out of the app. Rather than show too much information at once, Locale only shows information when it is most pertinent.

Multiple Conditions (OR Operator)

It is now possible to add multiple conditions of the same type in a situation. Multiple conditions of the same type are treated as OR (Location OR Location). Multiple conditions of different types are treated as AND (Location AND Time). This makes sense because while it is physically impossible to be in two places simultaneously, it is possible to be at a particular place at a particular time.

Enhanced backup and restore

Locale now automatically stores a situation backup on external storage that can be restored in one step. There are no buttons or options to mess with—it just works!

Countless other improvements

  • New Charger condition and simplified Battery condition
  • Improved app-wide performance
  • Searching for addresses is more accurate and now works on non-maps devices
  • UI improvements on Motorola devices
  • Improved Wi-Fi management
  • Improved location detection on tablets
  • Improved handling of multiple Shortcut settings