Locale 2.0

Locale 2.0 is now available exclusively on the Android Market. With over 100 enhancements, Locale 2.0 is faster, smarter, and maybe a bit telepathic. Thanks to instant location, Google Places integration, and more, Locale gets out of your way and just works. The most exciting changes include:

Instant location

The wait is over. Locale 2.0 instantly detects location arrival. We call this groundbreaking new feature “instant location.” As soon as you arrive at work–BOOM!–instantly your ringer silences, your wallpaper snaps to that scenic Caribbean photo, and Wi-Fi switches on. So how does it work? Locale 2.0’s artificial intelligence analyzes current and historical location data to detect when you’re moving and predict where you’re going.

Instant location is up to 10x more battery efficient and 5x more accurate. How is this possible? First, Locale intelligently checks location based on when you’ll arrive, rather than periodically polling for location. Second, instant location is intelligent about using GPS only when it might be available. Locale takes a hybrid approach that combines accelerometer, cell, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other readings for accurate and low power location coverage, regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors (GPS is only available outdoors because GPS signals are blocked by buildings).

Blazing fast performance

Multi-threaded and hardware accelerated, Locale takes full advantage of the latest Android devices and multicore processors.

Every aspect of Locale has been optimized. The app uses up to 50% less RAM memory, and editing situations is up to 4x faster thanks to a new situation storage system. The Location UI now instantly snaps the map to the correct zoom level, and the Screen Timeout setting now takes effect immediately. The Orientation condition uses 67% less battery power, and backups take up 60% less disk space, along with dozens of other optimizations.

Google Places integration

Locale 2.0 integrates with Google Places to autocomplete searches in the Location condition UI.

Honeycomb support

Locale 2.0 has full support for Honeycomb, including the Holographic UI, ActionBar, new menu and notification icons, improved Wallpaper setting image quality, and better Volume setting controls for tablets.

Plug-in quality

There are now over 250 Locale plug-ins on the Android Market. To continue this exciting growth, we’ve focused on improving the quality, reliability, and consistency of third party plug-ins. Updated plug-in sample code is available now, featuring extensive unit tests, Honeycomb support, and significant performance improvements.


Locale 2.0 is the most reliable and secure version yet. New dynamic permission controls allow Locale 2.0 to request 22% fewer permissions at installation time, while new signature-based permissions further secure Locale’s data.


Locale 2.0 now supports 14 different languages: Czech (cs), English (en), German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (jp), Korean (ko), Norwegian (nb), Dutch (nl), Brazilian Portuguese (pt-rBR), Russian (ru), Swedish (sv), and Vietnamese (vi). In addition, Locale 2.0 contains a number of improvements for international users, including improved alphabetization of Conditions and Settings with accented characters.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed selecting contact groups in the Contact condition by converting groups into multiple individual Contact conditions
  • Fixed bug where a contact might not be re-selected when editing a Contact condition, especially after a backup/restore between devices
  • Fixed a very rare bug where it was possible to start editing two different plug-ins simultaneously
  • Fixed UI on devices with non-standard color schemes
  • Improved filtering of ad hoc networks in Location Training
  • The Add Condition and Add Setting dialogs now immediately detect when new plug-in conditions and settings are installed
  • Developers: Fixed a bug where ACTION_EDIT_SETTING was set as the Intent action when editing Conditions
  • Developers: Fixed a bug where a change to a plug-in’s BroadcastReceiver class name wouldn’t be detected until Locale’s process restarted
  • Developers: Fixed a bug where plug-ins on external memory were allowed
  • Developers: Fixed a bug where plug-ins without an Activity icon were allowed
  • Developers: Fixed a bug where null keys were not supported in EXTRA_BUNDLE

Locale 2.0 requires Android 2.2 or later.