Locale 6.3.2

Update June 27, 2017: Locale 6.3.2 has successfully rolled out to 100% of users.

Locale® 6.3.2 is a unified update for Android 2.3 through Android 7.1.2 now beginning a phased rollout on Google Play. This means that Locale 6.3.2 will be available to 10% of users today and will scale up to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks. Because Locale now supports over 15,500 different Android devices, phased rollouts help ensure that Locale upgrades work great for everyone.

Specific changes in Locale 6.3.2 include:

  • Improved compatibility with various Android devices
  • Improved reliability for OnePlus devices, especially when using the Location condition over a long period of time
  • Improved reliability on multi-core devices
  • Improved power management
  • Workaround for Android internal failures, that could propagate to interfere with Locale
  • Optimized performance